6 ways how I created „Slow Christmas“

Slow Christmas was something I Looked forward to each year

Slow Christmas became the term I would go by…I hated full shopping malls and stressed people, because I could feel their energy and vibration due to my high sensitivity. So for myself I created slow Christmas rules which I would go by each year so that I could have blissed time with the people I liked to be surrounded by.

If you would like to try, here they are:

1. Buy Presents all year round

I would literally buy presents anytime and would put them in a Christmas pile and they would be bought with certain people in mind or they were so nice that I knew it would fit for somebody.
This allowed me to use sales during the year and save money as at Christmas time some thins can get very expensive even though it doesn’t like like at first sight.

2. Decide for quality instead of quantity

I would rather create or buy 1 amazing present than buy lots of stuff to make it feel abundant. This would make people feel more special and I would save myself from wasting a lot of time.

3. Communicate well

This is an important one. According to your financial situation you can communicate with your family and friends and decide whether you will or not buy each other a Christmas gift. On the other hand it doesn’t have to be an exchange. Allow yourself to receive if the other wants to buy and the same works for you.

„The true giving is with no expectation of receiving back.“

4. Enjoy the extra time you have created for yourself

Finally you can use all that time you have created with above points to have a weekly Christmas movie whole December with your family or with your partner. You can go for a walk or feed the animals in the forest. On the way back stop by countryside pub for a glass of wine or have a long chat not he phone with someone you know you wont be able to see over Christmas.

5. Create supporting rituals

Daily journalling can help you practice reflection of what the past year has brought to you, what you learned and what you achieved. And slowly you can start to write down what you would like to call in for the upcoming year.
This is personally my favourite. Every day I enjoy journalling as part of my self coaching / reflection and manifestation process and I build a strong believe that what I write down happens.

6. Simplify everything

The word I go by is simplicity. If it even sounds or gives me the feeling of heaviness and complication, I let it go and transform it into something more simple. I would ask myself those questions:

If I clean all year around why do I need to do super extra Christmas cleaning?
Because this was what my grandma was doing?
Or why does the whole house need crazy decorations?
When I can have a few symbols just to make me feel festive and warm.
Why the fridge and freezer has to be full of food?
If Christmas is the time when people are eating the most and when they come for a visit often they eat out of obligation? I saw how much food people were wasting Christmas time and it made my heart ache…instead is nice to feel the hunger and go for a walk so that we can come back and enjoy the food fully.

Of course you don’t have to do all of them, just try this year to create more space, have less expectation on yourself and give yourself the permission: “ It can be this way“

Have a beautifully slow Christmas time.

with love,

Darina Emir


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