Living my best life


As i kid I wrote a piece on how I wouldnt want to spend my life in the circle of work – tv – chores – bed – repeat and how I would do anything to go ahead and live my life fully regardless on what are my limitations or what other people are saying that I can or can not do. From early age it was clear that this life is meant to be lived. Few times by now life has brought me down to bottom and I stayed there for a while a took care of myself, returned to simplicity of life and accepted the feelings that were passing through. Because I knew thats was the quickest way to get out from that place. Sometimes it took me week sometimes months and its all ok. I have time. Life is programmed that from death comes rebirth. That from stillness returns movement and that from low we go high. We are programmed for wellbeing. Our desire is to feel good and better and great and grow…we just cant argue with that. Its coded in us that way. And even if we feel like we are going in the circles what we are actually doing is spiral….spiraling out from the trajectory of our own pattern, naturally, because its designed that way….yes we can speed it up, get coach, do it faster, get results, get determined…yet the universe holds the timing in his hands and with one single event it can crush all the efforts. So I am vibing with him…i am harmonising with him…and he is gentle….as gentle as i am with myself….as before he was harsh ….as harsh as i was with myself. Iam saying : „I have time! „ –  so I have it. What I say that is the truth. So I am living my best life possible. Every single day I am more deserving and lovable and worth it, because I said so and because I feel that way and because I wont settle for anything less. And it doesnt come from a place of ego rather deep place of worthiness and self value. I AM and thats a miracle. And YOU ARE  too…and maybe you „innerstand it“      ( utter understanding where all your cells are vibing with this information and knowing) or not just yet and thats ok…the universe is holding your clock too. When the time comes, you will know the difference between reading things, saying them and really understanding them with your whole being. And for that time I am excited for you. And I am excited for me too for whole bunch of other stuff that yet I need to „innerstand“ meanwhile tho… I am living my best life and you can too. Its a decision.


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